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Recopa Mundial, dedicated to the RSSSF

Recopa Mundial

The latest addition to the Oosterpark Rankings is the Recopa Mundial, or World Super Cup if you like. Inspired by the Unofficial Football World Championships long before they became a partner site, I've long intended to create a competition for club football sides according to those principles. Taking the first official club football match in an organised competition as a starting point (The 1871/2 FA Cup tournament would be the place where it all kicked off) would leave any single one person with more research than can realistically be completed in a lifetime, at least when you actually have a social life, job and family to take care of. On top of that, it would probably more interesting to try and create some kind of exclusive competition that features only genuinely big, famous or successful teams, something that could rival the Champions League if it wasn't confined to the virtual reality of the internet.

And so the decision was taken to revive a competition that actually briefly existed in real life in the late 1960s: a Super Cup involving former winners of the Club World Cup/Intercontinental Cup only. As soon as a club wins either of those competitions, it becomes eligible for participation in the Recopa Mundial. Any match or tie against a fellow qualified team from that point onwards involving the Recopa holder shall be considered a title match. Now, since the Intercontinental Cup began in 1960, it took two years to have two different winners who could theoretically meet each other to play out the first Recopa Mundial clash. They were Real Madrid and Peñarol, but in fact Santos and Internazionale had laid their hands on the Intercontinental Cup before the first final was actually played. That was the 1965 Copa Libertadores semi final tie between Santos and Peñarol, which required a decisive third game on 31 March 1965 to see the Uruguayan side progress to the final, and become the first Recopa Mundial champions in the process.

A year later, Real Madrid had the first opportunity to take the trophy to Europe, but they failed to overcome the holders in the Intercontinental Cup final of 1966. It would be 27 years before Europe had another shot at it. The reason for this is that only games in competitions covered by the Oosterpark Rankings (which basically means any half-decent domestic league and cup and every official and semi-official continental competition in history) count towards the Recopa Mundial. And at world club level, that means only the Intercontinental Cup final and nowadays the FIFA Club World Cup provide a platform for a handover across the Atlantic. Between 1966 and 1993, there were either no clashes between qualified teams in what became known as the Toyota Cup, or when they were, neither of them were holders of the Recopa at the time. Below is a full list of all matches ever played in the Recopa Mundial, and you will instantly notice the large number of clashes between sides from Argentina. That is because that country boasts no fewer than six different winners of the Intercontinental Cup, meaning that unless one of them manages to lose the trophy to a foreign club, there will usually be a handful of title clashes in the Argentine league every season. And even if the trophy is lost to somewhere abroad, the side that takes over will probably face another Argentine club later in that year, chances being that it's one of the six eligible to regain the Recopa.

All title matches are played under the rules and regulations of the competition it is part of. If extra time and penalties are played, they also form the tiebreaker for the Recopa Mundial. If a match is allowed to end in a draw and it actually does so, the holders retain the trophy and are credited with a successful title defence for the all-time rankings. So it's easier to keep the trophy than to gain it. In case two sides meet in a competition played out over more than one leg, the trophy is locked until the tie has been resolved. That is to say that any one-off or other games that would've been eligible as title matches taking place between the first and subsequent legs do not count as championship games. The most notorious example is that of the 1990 Supercopa Libertadores semi final, when holders Olimpia played Peñarol in the first leg on November 28. The second leg was planned for December 5 (the other semi did have its return leg on that date), but was postponed until the 10th as Olimpia travelled to Tokyo to take on AC Milan in the Intercontinental Cup. As it was, Milan won 3-0, but since the Recopa Mundial was at stake in the Supercopa first, and that tie hadn't been resolved yet, it stayed with Olimpia and in South America for a good while longer. Incidentally, the game in Tokyo was on December 9. Olimpia flew back across the Pacific to take on Peñarol the following day, with a good few players playing in both games. And the Paraguayan outfit slaughtered their opponents 6-0! So much for fixture congestion complaints...

With Olimpia being the only Paraguayan side eligible for Recopa Mundial ties, they were in no danger of losing the trophy inside their own borders, and while they were eliminated in the later stages of both Copa Libertadores and Supercopa Libertadores, both exits came at the hands of non-qualified teams. So the one big fish from a rather small pond kept the trophy throughout 1991, and only lost it to Boca Juniors, the all-time most successful club in the Recopa Mundial, in May 1992. Then, during São Paulo's heydays in the mid-1990s the trophy went to Brazil for a short while, something Santos and Grêmio repeated later that decade, but it was mainly in the hands of the Argentine cartel for the rest of the time. São Paulo (1993) and Boca (2000) had managed to keep the trophy out of European hands on the scarce occasions it was up for grabs in Tokyo, before in 2002, Olimpia, fresh from their third and so far last Copa Libertadores glory, took on Real Madrid in the Intercontinental Cup final. This time, Europe wasn't to be denied success, as the Oosterpark Rankings leaders brought both trophies home following a 2-0 win.

It opened up the Recopa Mundial to a whole new range of clubs who had been waiting in the wings for decades, up to 37 years to be precise. Atlético Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan and Manchester United all challenged the new holders but failed, until Juventus eliminated the Spanish giants in the semi final of the Champions League that same season. Their reign was short-lived however, as AC Milan won the final of that competition in a penalty shootout at Old Trafford, Andriy Shevchenko converting the decisive spot kick. Milan avoided defeat against Porto in the Super Cup, Ajax in the Champions League and Inter and Juve in Serie A the following season, which meant they arrived as Recopa holders in Tokyo in December. There, Boca awaited. And at the first time of asking, Los Xeneizes brought the Recopa Mundial back to South America, back home one might say, given that it spent all but one year in Latin American hands. After recently spending 2½ years in Uruguay, Argentine clubs had resumed control of the trophy, until it went to Brazil in May 2010, for the longest spell in that country yet. The current holders are featured on the homepage, where you'll also find the competition's all-time rankings.

Allow me to round off by expressing my gratitude and respect for the level of detail the RSSSF archives provides. Without their excellent coverage this part of could not have come into existence, especially since the exact dates of the various matches were so important to get the chronology right. Such was their importance to this project, that I've dedicated the trophy to them. For links to the RSSSF and the few additional data sources used for this part of the Oosterpark Rankings, please visit the Sources & Friends page.


ID Date Platform/event Home Score Away Champions

Q4.9.1960Real Madrid win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

Q19.9.1961Peñarol win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

Q11.10.1962Santos win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

Q26.9.1964Internazionale win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

125.3.1965Copa LibertadoresSantos5x4Peñarol
128.3.1965Copa LibertadoresPeñarol3x2Santos
131.3.1965Copa LibertadoresPeñarol2x1Santos

212.10.1966Intercontinental CupPeñarol2x0Real Madrid
226.10.1966Intercontinental CupReal Madrid0x2Peñarol

Peñarol4x0Real Madrid
Q4.11.1967Racing Club win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

Q16.10.1968Estudiantes win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

313.11.1968Recopa SudamericanaPeñarol3x0Racing Club
421.11.1968Recopa SudamericanaSantos1x0Peñarol
516.4.1969Recopa SudamericanaRacing Club2x3Santos
619.4.1969Recopa SudamericanaPeñarol3x0Santos
722.5.1969Recopa SudamericanaRacing Club1x1Peñarol
Q22.10.1969AC Milan win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

821.5.1970Copa LibertadoresEstudiantes1x0Peñarol
827.5.1970Copa LibertadoresPeñarol0x0Estudiantes
R27.5.1970Copa Libertadores

931.5.1970Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes1x1Racing Club
Q9.9.1970Feyenoord win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

1030.5.1971Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club1x1Estudiantes
113.10.1971Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes5x2Racing Club
1222.10.1971Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Racing Club1x1Estudiantes
Q29.12.1971Nacional win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

1314.5.1972Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes0x0Racing Club
1417.9.1972Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club1x0Estudiantes
Q28.9.1972Ajax win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

151.11.1972Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Racing Club1x0Estudiantes
1625.3.1973Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club1x1Estudiantes
174.7.1973Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes3x2Racing Club
1810.10.1973Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Racing Club0x0Estudiantes
Q28.11.1973Independiente win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

193.3.1974Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes3x4Independiente
202.5.1974Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente0x3Estudiantes
215.3.1975Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente2x0Estudiantes
Q10.4.1975Atlético Madrid win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

2225.5.1975Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente4x1Racing Club
238.6.1975Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes3x1Independiente
2423.7.1975Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club1x1Estudiantes
2522.2.1976Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes2x2Independiente
2625.4.1976Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente0x1Estudiantes
2725.7.1976Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente5x1Estudiantes
2826.9.1976Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Racing Club1x2Independiente
2914.11.1976Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Independiente1x1Racing Club
Q21.12.1976Bayern München win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

3015.5.1977Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente0x0Racing Club
3110.8.1977Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente2x1Estudiantes
329.10.1977Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club0x0Independiente
336.11.1977Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes2x3Independiente
3414.1.1978Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Estudiantes1x1Independiente
3418.1.1978Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Independiente3x1Estudiantes

3516.3.1978Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club3x2Independiente
Q1.8.1978Boca Juniors win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

3611.8.1978Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club1x0Estudiantes
3717.8.1978Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente1x0Racing Club
3827.8.1978Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente1x1Boca Juniors
3924.9.1978Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes1x1Independiente
408.4.1979Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente1x0Boca Juniors
4122.4.1979Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente5x3Estudiantes
4210.5.1979Copa LibertadoresPeñarol0x0Independiente
4313.6.1979Copa LibertadoresIndependiente1x0Boca Juniors
4420.6.1979Copa LibertadoresIndependiente1x0Peñarol
4523.6.1979Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors0x0Independiente
4627.6.1979Copa LibertadoresBoca Juniors2x0Independiente
474.7.1979Copa LibertadoresPeñarol0x0Boca Juniors
4811.7.1979Copa LibertadoresBoca Juniors1x0Independiente
497.10.1979Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Estudiantes1x2Boca Juniors
5025.11.1979Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Boca Juniors1x2Estudiantes
512.3.1980Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes1x1Independiente
Q3.3.1980Olimpia win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

523.4.1980Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes1x0Boca Juniors
5313.4.1980Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes3x0Racing Club
5415.6.1980Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente0x1Estudiantes
5513.7.1980Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors2x0Estudiantes
567.8.1980Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club0x0Boca Juniors
575.4.1981Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente0x2Boca Juniors
5826.4.1981Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes1x2Boca Juniors
5914.5.1981Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club1x1Boca Juniors
6028.6.1981Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors1x1Independiente
6119.7.1981Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors1x0Estudiantes
6215.8.1981Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors1x1Racing Club
6314.10.1981Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Estudiantes1x3Boca Juniors
6429.11.1981Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Boca Juniors1x1Estudiantes
Q13.12.1981Flamengo win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

6514.3.1982Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Estudiantes0x0Boca Juniors
662.5.1982Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Boca Juniors1x1Estudiantes
678.8.1982Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente1x1Boca Juniors
6814.8.1982Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors1x0Estudiantes
6929.9.1982Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors2x1Racing Club
7010.11.1982Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors1x0Independiente
7114.11.1982Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes1x2Boca Juniors
7230.12.1982Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Racing Club1x3Boca Juniors
7324.4.1983Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Boca Juniors2x0Racing Club
7430.4.1983Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Racing Club2x0Boca Juniors
7522.5.1983Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Estudiantes3x1Racing Club
7525.5.1983Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Racing Club2x1Estudiantes

Estudiantes4x3Racing Club
764.6.1983Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Estudiantes2x0Independiente
7610.6.1983Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Independiente2x1Estudiantes

7726.6.1983Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes3x0Racing Club
7814.8.1983Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes0x0Independiente
791.9.1983Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors3x1Estudiantes
8012.10.1983Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors3x3Independiente
8123.10.1983Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes2x1Boca Juniors
821.12.1983Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente2x1Estudiantes
Q11.12.1983Grêmio win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

8322.12.1983Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente2x0Racing Club
8429.2.1984Copa LibertadoresEstudiantes1x1Independiente
8516.3.1984Copa LibertadoresOlimpia1x0Independiente
8623.3.1984Copa LibertadoresOlimpia2x1Estudiantes
8725.4.1984Copa LibertadoresIndependiente3x2Olimpia
8831.5.1984Copa LibertadoresNacional1x1Independiente
894.7.1984Copa LibertadoresIndependiente1x0Nacional
9022.7.1984Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Estudiantes2x1Independiente
9115.8.1984Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Boca Juniors3x1Estudiantes
9223.12.1984Campeonato Metropolitano (ARG)Independiente1x2Boca Juniors
937.4.1985Campeonato Nacional (ARG)Independiente1x0Boca Juniors
9428.7.1985Primera División (ARG)Independiente0x1Estudiantes
9529.9.1985Primera División (ARG)Estudiantes0x1Boca Juniors
9620.10.1985Primera División (ARG)Boca Juniors0x3Independiente
Q8.12.1985Juventus win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

9715.12.1985Primera División (ARG)Estudiantes2x0Independiente
982.3.1986Primera División (ARG)Boca Juniors3x1Estudiantes
9919.3.1986Primera División (ARG)Independiente0x4Boca Juniors
10017.7.1986Copa LibertadoresPeñarol1x2Boca Juniors
10120.7.1986Primera División (ARG)Boca Juniors0x0Estudiantes
1021.8.1986Copa LibertadoresBoca Juniors1x1Peñarol
10331.8.1986Primera División (ARG)Racing Club1x0Boca Juniors
10430.11.1986Primera División (ARG)Independiente1x1Racing Club
Q14.12.1986River Plate win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

10519.12.1986Primera División (ARG)Racing Club0x3Estudiantes
10629.3.1987Primera División (ARG)Estudiantes0x1River Plate
10713.4.1987Primera División (ARG)River Plate1x1Boca Juniors
10826.8.1987Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate0x0Independiente
10912.9.1987Primera División (ARG)Independiente1x0River Plate
11023.9.1987Copa LibertadoresIndependiente2x0River Plate
11130.9.1987Copa LibertadoresIndependiente2x4Peñarol
1127.10.1987Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate1x0Peñarol
11325.10.1987Primera División (ARG)Estudiantes1x1River Plate
1148.11.1987Primera División (ARG)River Plate2x0Racing Club
11522.11.1987Primera División (ARG)River Plate3x2Boca Juniors
Q13.12.1987FC Porto win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

1166.2.1988Primera División (ARG)River Plate1x0Independiente
11720.3.1988Primera División (ARG)River Plate1x0Estudiantes
11813.4.1988Supercopa LibertadoresOlimpia2x0River Plate
11820.4.1988Supercopa LibertadoresRiver Plate4x0Olimpia

River Plate4x2Olimpia
11930.4.1988Primera División (ARG)Boca Juniors2x2River Plate
1203.5.1988Supercopa LibertadoresGrêmio1x0River Plate
12011.5.1988Supercopa LibertadoresRiver Plate3x1Grêmio

River Plate3x2Grêmio
12125.5.1988Supercopa LibertadoresRacing Club2x1River Plate
1211.6.1988Supercopa LibertadoresRiver Plate1x1Racing Club

Racing Club3x2River Plate
1226.11.1988Primera División (ARG)Racing Club2x1River Plate
12311.12.1988Primera División (ARG)Racing Club2x1Independiente
12414.12.1988Primera División (ARG)Estudiantes0x0Racing Club
12522.12.1988Primera División (ARG)Racing Club0x1
Boca Juniors
1265.2.1989Primera División (ARG)Boca Juniors0x0
(3x4 pens)
River Plate
12726.3.1989Primera División (ARG)River Plate1x0Racing Club
12825.5.1989Primera División (ARG)River Plate2x0Estudiantes
12928.5.1989Primera División (ARG)Independiente1x0River Plate
13023.8.1989Primera División (ARG)Estudiantes1x1Independiente
13113.9.1989Primera División (ARG)Boca Juniors1x0Independiente
13217.9.1989Primera División (ARG)Estudiantes1x1Boca Juniors
13319.10.1989Supercopa LibertadoresBoca Juniors0x0Racing Club
13326.10.1989Supercopa LibertadoresRacing Club1x2Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors2x1Racing Club
1348.11.1989Supercopa LibertadoresGrêmio0x0Boca Juniors
13416.11.1989Supercopa LibertadoresBoca Juniors2x0Grêmio

Boca Juniors2x0Grêmio
13519.11.1989Primera División (ARG)Racing Club1x1Boca Juniors
13622.11.1989Supercopa LibertadoresBoca Juniors0x0Independiente
13629.11.1989Supercopa LibertadoresIndependiente0x0Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors0x0
(5x3 pens)
1372.2.1990Primera División (ARG)River Plate1x1Boca Juniors
1384.3.1990Primera División (ARG)Independiente1x1Boca Juniors
13911.3.1990Primera División (ARG)Boca Juniors2x1Estudiantes
1406.5.1990Primera División (ARG)Boca Juniors2x1Racing Club
1419.9.1990Torneo Apertura (ARG)Independiente1x2Boca Juniors
14223.9.1990Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate2x0Boca Juniors
14331.10.1990Supercopa LibertadoresRiver Plate3x0Olimpia
1437.11.1990Supercopa LibertadoresOlimpia3x0River Plate

(4x3 pens)
River Plate
14414.11.1990Supercopa LibertadoresOlimpia1x1Racing Club
14421.11.1990Supercopa LibertadoresRacing Club0x3Olimpia

Olimpia4x1Racing Club
14528.11.1990Supercopa LibertadoresPeñarol2x1Olimpia
14510.12.1990Supercopa LibertadoresOlimpia6x0Peñarol

Olimpia7x2Racing Club
1465.1.1991Supercopa LibertadoresNacional0x3Olimpia
14611.1.1991Supercopa LibertadoresOlimpia3x3Nacional

14716.10.1991Supercopa LibertadoresIndependiente1x1Olimpia
14723.10.1991Supercopa LibertadoresOlimpia2x0Independiente

Q8.12.1991Crvena zvezda win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

14827.5.1992Copa Master Supercopa LibertadoresBoca Juniors1x0Olimpia
1496.6.1992Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors2x1Independiente
15010.6.1992Torneo Clausura (ARG)Racing Club0x0Boca Juniors
15121.6.1992Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors2x0Estudiantes
15229.9.1992Supercopa LibertadoresBoca Juniors2x1Estudiantes
1527.10.1992Supercopa LibertadoresEstudiantes1x0Boca Juniors

(4x3 pens)
Boca Juniors
15322.10.1992Supercopa LibertadoresFlamengo1x0Estudiantes
15330.10.1992Supercopa LibertadoresEstudiantes1x1Flamengo

1544.11.1992Supercopa LibertadoresFlamengo3x3Racing Club
15411.11.1992Supercopa LibertadoresRacing Club1x0Flamengo

Racing Club4x3Flamengo
15529.11.1992Torneo Apertura (ARG)Racing Club1x1Boca Juniors
Q12.12.1992São Paulo win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

15614.3.1993Torneo Clausura (ARG)Estudiantes5x1Racing Club
1572.5.1993Torneo Clausura (ARG)Estudiantes0x0Boca Juniors
1589.5.1993Torneo Clausura (ARG)Estudiantes0x1Independiente
15916.5.1993Torneo Clausura (ARG)Independiente1x1Boca Juniors
16019.9.1993Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate2x2Independiente
1616.10.1993Supercopa LibertadoresSão Paulo2x0Independiente
16113.10.1993Supercopa LibertadoresIndependiente1x1São Paulo

São Paulo3x1Independiente
16220.10.1993Supercopa LibertadoresSão Paulo2x2Grêmio
16227.10.1993Supercopa LibertadoresGrêmio0x1São Paulo

São Paulo3x2Grêmio
1637.11.1993Brasileiro (BRA)São Paulo2x0Flamengo
16417.11.1993Supercopa LibertadoresFlamengo2x2São Paulo
16424.11.1993Supercopa LibertadoresSão Paulo2x2Flamengo

São Paulo4x4
(5x4 pens)
16512.12.1993Intercontinental CupSão Paulo3x2AC Milan
16630.1.1994Paulista (BRA)São Paulo2x0Santos
16710.4.1994Paulista (BRA)Santos0x0São Paulo
16810.8.1994Copa LibertadoresSão Paulo2x1Olimpia
16817.8.1994Copa LibertadoresOlimpia1x0São Paulo

São Paulo2x2
(4x3 pens)
1698.10.1994Brasileiro (BRA)Santos2x3São Paulo
17019.10.1994Supercopa LibertadoresBoca Juniors2x0São Paulo
17026.10.1994Supercopa LibertadoresSão Paulo1x0Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors2x1São Paulo
1713.11.1994Supercopa LibertadoresBoca Juniors1x1Independiente
1719.11.1994Supercopa LibertadoresIndependiente1x0Boca Juniors

Independiente2x1Boca Juniors
17229.11.1994Torneo Apertura (ARG)Independiente1x4Boca Juniors
Q1.12.1994Vélez Sarsfield win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

17311.12.1994Torneo Apertura (ARG)Boca Juniors0x3River Plate
17418.12.1994Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate1x1Vélez Sarsfield
17519.2.1995Copa LibertadoresIndependiente1x1River Plate
1768.3.1995Copa LibertadoresPeñarol1x1River Plate
17729.3.1995Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate2x0Independiente
1782.4.1995Torneo Clausura (ARG)Independiente1x4River Plate
17919.4.1995Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate1x1Peñarol
18023.4.1995Torneo Clausura (ARG)Racing Club1x3River Plate
18118.6.1995Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate2x4Boca Juniors
1827.9.1995Supercopa LibertadoresOlimpia1x1Boca Juniors
18313.9.1995Supercopa LibertadoresSão Paulo1x0Boca Juniors
18419.9.1995Brasileiro (BRA)Santos0x1São Paulo
18526.9.1995Supercopa LibertadoresOlimpia1x2São Paulo
18610.10.1995Supercopa LibertadoresBoca Juniors2x3São Paulo
18718.10.1995Supercopa LibertadoresSão Paulo0x3Olimpia
18816.10.1996Supercopa LibertadoresVélez Sarsfield3x0Olimpia
18823.10.1996Supercopa LibertadoresOlimpia0x1Vélez Sarsfield

Vélez Sarsfield4x0Olimpia
18927.10.1996Torneo Apertura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield1x1Boca Juniors
19030.10.1996Supercopa LibertadoresSantos1x2Vélez Sarsfield
19014.11.1996Supercopa LibertadoresVélez Sarsfield2x0Santos

Vélez Sarsfield4x1Santos
19118.11.1996Torneo Apertura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield0x2Estudiantes
19225.11.1996Torneo Apertura (ARG)Estudiantes1x0Independiente
19323.2.1997Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors2x1Estudiantes
19423.3.1997Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate3x3Boca Juniors
19520.4.1997Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors1x2Vélez Sarsfield
19618.5.1997Torneo Clausura (ARG)Estudiantes0x3Vélez Sarsfield
1979.8.1997Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield0x2River Plate
19813.8.1997Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate0x0Independiente
19928.8.1997Supercopa LibertadoresRiver Plate3x2Racing Club
2003.9.1997Supercopa LibertadoresRiver Plate3x2Santos
2011.10.1997Torneo Apertura (ARG)Racing Club2x3River Plate
20215.10.1997Supercopa LibertadoresRacing Club2x3River Plate
20322.10.1997Supercopa LibertadoresSantos2x1River Plate
20428.10.1997Supercopa LibertadoresSantos3x2Racing Club
Q2.11.1997Borussia Dortmund win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

20528.1.1998Torneio Rio-São Paulo (BRA)Flamengo0x2Santos
20631.1.1998Torneio Rio-São Paulo (BRA)São Paulo1x1Santos
20711.2.1998Torneio Rio-São Paulo (BRA)Santos3x1Flamengo
20814.2.1998Torneio Rio-São Paulo (BRA)Santos1x1São Paulo
2097.3.1998Paulista (BRA)Santos2x3São Paulo
21019.3.1998Copa do Brasil (BRA)São Paulo2x0Grêmio
21021.4.1998Copa do Brasil (BRA)Grêmio2x0São Paulo

São Paulo4x0Grêmio
21123.8.1998Brasileiro (BRA)São Paulo1x3Santos
21213.9.1998Brasileiro (BRA)Grêmio3x2Santos
21315.10.1998Copa MercosurRiver Plate3x1Grêmio
21425.10.1998Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate0x0Boca Juniors
21526.11.1998Torneo Apertura (ARG)Racing Club2x2River Plate
21624.2.1999Copa LibertadoresVélez Sarsfield1x1River Plate
2177.3.1999Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield0x1River Plate
21817.3.1999Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate1x1Vélez Sarsfield
21921.3.1999Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate1x0Estudiantes
22011.4.1999Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate2x1Independiente
2215.5.1999Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate2x0Vélez Sarsfield
22112.5.1999Copa LibertadoresVélez Sarsfield1x0River Plate

River Plate2x1Vélez Sarsfield
2226.6.1999Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate2x3Racing Club
22314.6.1999Torneo Clausura (ARG)Racing Club0x3Estudiantes
22414.8.1999Torneo Apertura (ARG)Estudiantes4x2Vélez Sarsfield
22528.8.1999Torneo Apertura (ARG)Estudiantes1x4River Plate
22612.9.1999Torneo Apertura (ARG)Independiente1x1River Plate
2273.10.1999Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate0x0Vélez Sarsfield
22817.10.1999Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate2x0Boca Juniors
22928.11.1999Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate1x0Racing Club
Q30.11.1999Manchester United win Intercontinental Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

Q14.1.2000Corinthians win FIFA Club World Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

2305.3.2000Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate2x2Estudiantes
23119.3.2000Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate2x0Independiente
23214.4.2000Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield2x3River Plate
23314.5.2000Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors1x1River Plate
23417.5.2000Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate2x1Boca Juniors
23424.5.2000Copa LibertadoresBoca Juniors3x0River Plate

Boca Juniors4x2River Plate
2355.7.2000Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors2x0Estudiantes
2362.8.2000Copa MercosurOlimpia0x1Boca Juniors
2379.8.2000Copa MercosurBoca Juniors3x0Corinthians
23829.8.2000Copa MercosurBoca Juniors1x1Nacional
2396.9.2000Torneo Apertura (ARG)Boca Juniors1x1Racing Club
24013.9.2000Copa MercosurBoca Juniors5x2Olimpia
24119.9.2000Copa MercosurCorinthians2x2Boca Juniors
24215.10.2000Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate1x1Boca Juniors
24318.10.2000Copa MercosurNacional3x3Boca Juniors
24422.10.2000Torneo Apertura (ARG)Boca Juniors3x1Vélez Sarsfield
24528.11.2000Intercontinental CupBoca Juniors2x1Real Madrid
2466.12.2000Torneo Apertura (ARG)Independiente3x0Boca Juniors
24716.12.2000Torneo Apertura (ARG)Racing Club0x2Independiente
2484.3.2001Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate3x1Independiente
2498.4.2001Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors3x0River Plate
25011.4.2001Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield5x2Boca Juniors
25120.5.2001Torneo Clausura (ARG)Racing Club1x1Vélez Sarsfield
25229.7.2001Copa MercosurPeñarol2x1Vélez Sarsfield
2539.9.2001Torneo Apertura (URU)Nacional1x2Peñarol
25412.9.2001Copa MercosurPeñarol1x1São Paulo
25518.9.2001Copa MercosurVélez Sarsfield3x0Peñarol
25630.9.2001Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate4x2Vélez Sarsfield
2573.10.2001Torneo Apertura (ARG)Independiente0x5River Plate
2582.12.2001Torneo Apertura (ARG)Racing Club1x1River Plate
25924.2.2002Torneo Clausura (ARG)Estudiantes2x3River Plate
26010.3.2002Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors0x3River Plate
26124.3.2002Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield0x1River Plate
26227.3.2002Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate1x0Independiente
26324.4.2002Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate1x2Grêmio
2632.5.2002Copa LibertadoresGrêmio4x0River Plate

Grêmio6x1River Plate
2648.5.2002Copa LibertadoresGrêmio1x0Nacional
26415.5.2002Copa LibertadoresNacional1x1Grêmio

26510.7.2002Copa LibertadoresOlimpia3x2Grêmio
26517.7.2002Copa LibertadoresGrêmio1x0Olimpia

(5x4 pens)
2663.12.2002Intercontinental CupReal Madrid2x0Olimpia
26719.1.2003La Liga (ESP)Real Madrid2x2Atlético Madrid
26819.2.2003UEFA Champions LeagueReal Madrid2x1Borussia Dortmund
26925.2.2003UEFA Champions LeagueBorussia Dortmund1x1Real Madrid
27012.3.2003UEFA Champions LeagueReal Madrid3x1AC Milan
2718.4.2003UEFA Champions LeagueReal Madrid3x1Manchester United
27123.4.2003UEFA Champions LeagueManchester United4x3Real Madrid

Real Madrid6x5Manchester United
2726.5.2003UEFA Champions LeagueReal Madrid2x1Juventus
27214.5.2003UEFA Champions LeagueJuventus3x1Real Madrid

Juventus4x3Real Madrid
27328.5.2003UEFA Champions LeagueAC Milan0x0
(3x2 pens)
27429.8.2003UEFA Super CupAC Milan1x0FC Porto
27516.9.2003UEFA Champions LeagueAC Milan1x0Ajax
2765.10.2003Serie A (ITA)Internazionale1x3AC Milan
2771.11.2003Serie A (ITA)AC Milan1x1Juventus
27826.11.2003UEFA Champions LeagueAjax0x1AC Milan
27914.12.2003Intercontinental CupBoca Juniors1x1
(3x1 pens)
AC Milan
28029.2.2004Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors3x3Vélez Sarsfield
28121.3.2004Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors4x1Racing Club
28225.4.2004Torneo Clausura (ARG)Estudiantes2x2Boca Juniors
2839.5.2004Torneo Clausura (ARG)Independiente1x4Boca Juniors
28416.5.2004Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors0x1River Plate
28529.5.2004Torneo Clausura (ARG)Racing Club1x2River Plate
28610.6.2004Copa LibertadoresBoca Juniors1x0River Plate
28617.6.2004Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate2x1Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors2x2
(5x4 pens)
River Plate
28729.8.2004Torneo Apertura (ARG)Boca Juniors2x1Racing Club
28819.9.2004Torneo Apertura (ARG)Independiente2x1Boca Juniors
28926.9.2004Torneo Apertura (ARG)Independiente1x0Racing Club
2902.10.2004Torneo Apertura (ARG)Independiente0x2Vélez Sarsfield
29116.10.2004Torneo Apertura (ARG)Racing Club1x2Vélez Sarsfield
29228.11.2004Torneo Apertura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield1x0River Plate
2935.12.2004Torneo Apertura (ARG)Estudiantes0x2Vélez Sarsfield
2943.4.2005Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield2x0Boca Juniors
29517.4.2005Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield3x1Independiente
29623.4.2005Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield2x1Racing Club
29719.6.2005Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate0x1Vélez Sarsfield
29826.6.2005Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield3x0Estudiantes
29928.8.2005Torneo Apertura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield1x0Racing Club
30018.9.2005Torneo Apertura (ARG)River Plate0x1Vélez Sarsfield
3016.11.2005Torneo Apertura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield0x2Estudiantes
30216.11.2005Torneo Apertura (ARG)Estudiantes1x1Independiente
30327.11.2005Torneo Apertura (ARG)Estudiantes1x3Boca Juniors
30411.12.2005Torneo Apertura (ARG)Boca Juniors2x0Independiente
3055.3.2006Torneo Clausura (ARG)Racing Club0x3Boca Juniors
30626.3.2006Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors1x1River Plate
30723.4.2006Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield0x3Boca Juniors
30830.4.2006Torneo Clausura (ARG)Boca Juniors4x0Estudiantes
3097.5.2006Torneo Clausura (ARG)Independiente0x2Boca Juniors
31019.8.2006Torneo Apertura (ARG)Boca Juniors1x0Independiente
3113.9.2006Torneo Apertura (ARG)Boca Juniors2x0Estudiantes
3127.9.2006RecopaBoca Juniors2x1São Paulo
31214.9.2006RecopaSão Paulo2x2
(5x4 pens)
Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors4x3São Paulo
31328.9.2006Copa SudamericanaNacional2x1Boca Juniors
31312.10.2006Copa SudamericanaBoca Juniors2x1Nacional

(3x1 pens)
Boca Juniors
31426.11.2006Torneo Apertura (URU)Peñarol4x1Nacional
Q14.12.2006Internacional win FIFA Club World Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

31529.4.2007Torneo Clausura (URU)Nacional0x3Peñarol
31625.11.2007Torneo Apertura (URU)Nacional1x1Peñarol
31711.5.2008Torneo Clausura (URU)Peñarol4x2Nacional
31814.12.2008Torneo Apertura (URU)Peñarol0x1Nacional
31919.3.2009Copa LibertadoresNacional3x0River Plate
3207.4.2009Copa LibertadoresRiver Plate0x0Nacional
32124.5.2009Torneo Clausura (URU)Nacional3x2Peñarol
32225.6.2009Copa LibertadoresEstudiantes1x0Nacional
3221.7.2009Copa LibertadoresNacional1x2Estudiantes

3234.7.2009Torneo Clausura (ARG)River Plate1x2Estudiantes
32413.9.2009Torneo Apertura (ARG)Estudiantes2x1Independiente
32526.9.2009Torneo Apertura (ARG)Estudiantes2x1Boca Juniors
3268.11.2009Torneo Apertura (ARG)Estudiantes3x0Vélez Sarsfield
32716.11.2009Torneo Apertura (ARG)Racing Club1x0Estudiantes
32823.11.2009Torneo Apertura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield4x2Racing Club
3296.12.2009Torneo Apertura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield3x1River Plate
Q19.12.2009Barcelona win FIFA Club World Cup to qualify for Recopa Mundial

33019.2.2010Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield3x0Independiente
3312.3.2010Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield4x4Boca Juniors
3328.4.2010Torneo Clausura (ARG)Vélez Sarsfield0x1Estudiantes
33312.4.2010Torneo Clausura (ARG)Estudiantes4x0Racing Club
33424.4.2010Torneo Clausura (ARG)Estudiantes1x0River Plate
33513.5.2010Copa LibertadoresInternacional1x0Estudiantes
33520.5.2010Copa LibertadoresEstudiantes2x1Internacional

(away goals)
33623.5.2010Brasileiro (BRA)Internacional0x2São Paulo
3376.6.2010Brasileiro (BRA)São Paulo3x1Grêmio
33825.7.2010Brasileiro (BRA)São Paulo0x1Santos
33926.8.2010Brasileiro (BRA)Grêmio1x2Santos
3405.9.2010Brasileiro (BRA)Flamengo0x0Santos
34122.9.2010Brasileiro (BRA)Santos2x3Corinthians
34226.9.2010Brasileiro (BRA)Internacional3x2Corinthians
34313.10.2010Brasileiro (BRA)Santos1x0Internacional
34417.10.2010Brasileiro (BRA)São Paulo4x3Santos
3457.11.2010Brasileiro (BRA)São Paulo0x2Corinthians
34620.2.2011Paulista (BRA)Corinthians3x1Santos
34727.3.2011Paulista (BRA)São Paulo2x1Corinthians
34830.4.2011Paulista (BRA)São Paulo0x2Santos
3498.5.2011Paulista (BRA)Corinthians0x0Santos
34915.5.2011Paulista (BRA)Santos2x1Corinthians

35022.5.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Santos1x1Internacional
35115.6.2011Copa LibertadoresPeñarol0x0Santos
35122.6.2011Copa LibertadoresSantos2x1Peñarol

35227.7.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Santos4x5Flamengo
35330.7.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Flamengo2x0Grêmio
35421.8.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Internacional2x2Flamengo
3558.9.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Corinthians2x1Flamengo
35618.9.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Corinthians1x3Santos
3575.10.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Grêmio1x0Santos
35816.10.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Santos0x1Grêmio
35930.10.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Grêmio4x2Flamengo
3604.12.2011Brasileiro (BRA)Internacional1x0Grêmio
3615.2.2012Gaúcho (BRA, RS)Grêmio2x2Internacional
36222.2.2012Gaúcho (BRA, RS)Internacional1x2Grêmio
36329.4.2012Gaúcho (BRA, RS)Internacional2x1Grêmio
36426.5.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Flamengo3x3Internacional
3656.6.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Internacional1x0São Paulo
36615.7.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Internacional0x0Santos
36716.8.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Corinthians1x0Internacional
36819.8.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Santos3x2Corinthians
3699.9.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Santos0x0São Paulo
37012.9.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Santos2x0Flamengo
37130.9.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Grêmio1x1Santos
3726.10.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Santos1x1Internacional
37324.11.2012Brasileiro (BRA)Corinthians1x1Santos
3743.2.2013Paulista (BRA)Santos3x1São Paulo
3753.3.2013Paulista (BRA)Santos0x0Corinthians
37612.5.2013Paulista (BRA)Corinthians2x1Santos
37619.5.2013Paulista (BRA)Santos1x1Corinthians
R19.5.2013Paulista (BRA)

3773.7.2013Recopa SudamericanaSão Paulo1x2Corinthians
37717.7.2013Recopa SudamericanaCorinthians2x0São Paulo
RCorinthians4x1São Paulo
37828.7.2013Brasileiro (BRA)Corinthians0x0São Paulo
37931.7.2013Brasileiro (BRA)Corinthians2x0Grêmio
3807.8.2013Brasileiro (BRA)Santos1x1Corinthians
3811.9.2013Brasileiro (BRA)Corinthians4x0Flamengo
3824.9.2013Brasileiro (BRA)Internacional1x0Corinthians
38310.9.2013Brasileiro (BRA)Internacional1x2Santos
38412.9.2013Brasileiro (BRA)Flamengo2x1Santos
38510.10.2013Brasileiro (BRA)Flamengo2x1Internacional
38613.11.2013Brasileiro (BRA)São Paulo2x0Flamengo
38723.2.2014Paulista (BRA)São Paulo0x0Santos
3889.3.2014Paulista (BRA)CorinthiansSão Paulo

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