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Over the course of the past decade, countless sources were used to compile the Oosterpark Rankings. The lion┤s share of basic data comes from the RSSSF archives. In addition, dozens of websites were stumbled upon during verification searches, many visited only once or twice. To list all of them here is impossible. Nevertheless, the more regularly used verification sites can be found in the credits column. On top of the internet, which has grown beyond imagination since the start of the project, various newspapers or other printed media proved a welcome source of information. In more recent years, many live score update sites have supplied instant data.

This page also features links to other ranking sites on the internet and to friends of the Oosterpark Rankings.




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Clas Genning's pages
Bert Kassies' European Cup Football pages
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ZeroZero - Fodboldstatistik
Boca Juniors results (Recopa Mundial)
River Plate results (Recopa Mundial)

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*   Star Partners

Unofficial Football World Championship
By: Paul Brown

The UFWC reveals international football's real champions, in a simple boxing-style title system dating back to the very first football international ever played, back in 1872. That is the first connection with the Oosterpark Rankings, which also goes back to football's prehistory. Furthermore, the UFWC also honours one of football's founding fathers, by naming their trophy after Charles William Alcock.

Thanks to the UFWC, international friendlies and otherwise often meaningless World Cup and Euro qualifiers suddenly become interesting games to follow. Visit their excellent site and you might even want to show off your new found knowledge of just how glorious your nation's footballing past really is by wearing some of the merchandise available through the site's shop.

World Club Rankings (WCR)
By: Sheldon Sommer
Area covered: World Club Football
Era covered: Current (current season/year)
Update frequency: Weekly

One of my favourite blogs, the World Club Rankings, are an entertaining weekly read and throw up a far more sensible ranking than many of the more famous and bigger organisations have done since Julius Ceasar was in office. Sheldon Sommer's site does both a nice recap of the week that was and a thorough summary of the big games of the coming weekend, (US) TV listings included. As a tribute to our old hosts, we do only green stars, otherwise we'd have handed out a gold one to the WCR.

By: Richard Gleis
Area covered: European Cups Club Football
Era covered: Historical (1956-now)
Update frequency: After every European round

EuroTopFoot ranks clubs according to their performances in European club competitions, on an all-time basis. Their points system is fairly straightforward, with recent years weighing heavier than older results. An interesting feature is that failure to qualify for continental competition is punished by minus points.

Marcelo Leme de Arruda's ranking
By: Marcelo Leme de Arruda
Area covered: World Club Football
Era covered: Historical (all-time)
Update frequency: Twice yearly

Marcelo's rankings are calculated in a rather unique way. We've not come across a similar approach on the internet yet. Although the underlying calculations, and therefore the end results, are incompatible with the Oosterpark Rankings, it is refreshing to see some rank football clubs from a completely different perspective. Friends

*    Stamford, thuishaven van de Nederlandse Supporters Club Chelsea
By: Jeroen Hut

The following piece is written in Dutch, given that we're talking about what is on the verge of becoming the official Chelsea supporters club in the Netherlands. And no, the author of is not a Chelsea supporter. ;-) is de thuishaven van de Nederlandse Chelsea Supportersclub (in oprichting). Momenteel is men, onder aanvoering van Jeroen Hut, bezig het officiŰle supportersclubschap voor Nederland te bemachtigen. Mochten zich onder de bezoekers van de Oosterpark Rankings ge´nteresseerde Nederlandstalige Chelsea-fans bevinden, dan kunnen ze zich op kostenloos inschrijven.

De site staat nog in de kinderschoenen, maar zal in de nabije toekomst steeds verder worden uitgebreid. Getuige het wedstrijdverslag van de top-of-the-table clash met Manchester United ten tijde van het publiceren van dit stukje weet Jeroen af en toe zowaar zijn donkerblauw gekleurde bril af te zetten, wat de kwaliteit van de site op lange termijn alleen maar ten goede kan komen.


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Special thanks to Paulo Freitas for his invaluable insights in, and comments on Latin American football!

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